Take your next step! Consider serving with  Grace Lutheran Church. Many volunteer in different ways throughout the  week at Grace. Is it your time to jump in and make a difference?  We hope you will discover a perfect place to be part of things.


Grace  Lutheran's Council meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month.  If  you are interested in becoming involved with the Council, please share  your interest with the pastor or Council President. New members are  brought on board every year.


The  Christian Education Committee works with the Family Youth Coordinator  to provide direction and support for the education of the children,  youth, adult members, and community of Grace Lutheran Church.


 The  Hospitality Committee works to make Grace a welcoming place in many  aspects, from welcoming visitors to managing the nametags and supporting  Fellowship Coffee Hour on Sundays, following worship.


The  Worship committee works to ensure that the services here at Grace are  not only “God pleasing” but also meaningful and uplifting for the  congregation, while always deeply rooted in the Word of God.  Focusing  on ways to enhance the worship experience with fresh spiritual content  and beautiful music, the committee also plans special services for  upcoming seasons of the church and analyzes how past services have  worked.


The Evangelism Committee addresses the need to reach out in order to share our faith.  They deliver welcome bags to visitors and consider how best to share Grace's journey with Jesus.


The  Outreach team ministry is reaching out to our own members, members of  our community, and globally.  Some of the activities organized are  working with new members, projects with Lutheran World Relief such as  layettes, quilts and school bags.


The  Grace Property Committee oversees projects that maintain our sanctuary,  grounds, and community rooms in tip top shape. If doing behind the  scens work to keep Grace looking beautiful and running smoothly is your  passion, please contact the office for more information about this  committee.


We  all have many God given talents or gifts, and each one of us has a  different gift.  Some are sewers and quilters, others sing in the choir,  others help out on the Property committee, others are Sunday School  teachers or funeral luncheon helpers.   It is our duty as Stewards for  God to be a living example of Godliness.The Stewardship Committee helps  you locate where at Grace you can best share your gifts of time, talent  and resources.  Helping oversee building budgeting and expenses, this  committee also communicates the church needs and financial health to the  congregation.  


​The Committee performs  a staff advocate role, as well as a supervisory related  role keeping personnel related issues highly confidential. All employees  at Grace Lutheran Church should feel comfortable that they can share  anything with the Personnel Committee. The Personnel Committee and the  pastor work cooperatively to create an effective staff supervision  model. 


The  Finance Committee is responsible for the fiscal management and planning  for Grace. This committee helps Council develop a plan to ensure the  fiscal health of Grace, now and for the future. The committee works with  other committees and the Council to manage spending and budgeting  throughout the year. 


The  Grace Lutheran Endowment Fund was established for the purpose of  funding mission work in our community, country and around the world.   This mission support is meant to go above and beyond the programs  supported through regular offerings.
Members of Grace  Lutheran Church can give to the Endowment Fund through bequests;  assignments of life insurance benefits; assignments of certificates of  deposit; transfers of property such as cash, stocks, bonds and real  estate; memorial gifts; charitable annuities; and charitable remainder trusts.