During the school year, Sunday School classes meet after worship

Sunday School classes for ages pre-K through 5th grade are held in the basement after worship.  Lessons are built around the sermon from worship that day.

Middle school aged students meet Sundays after worship in a newly decorated teen room. Middle schoolers help plan fun activites and discuss teen issues in a supportive faith-based setting at GLOW (God's Light Of the World) 



GLOW- field trips, cooking competitions, & talking about 

life's many questions

 in a safe setting


Sunday School

This school year's theme is: "Mission Possible!"  All things are possible with the love of and faith for Jesus.  

Snack Before Heading Down

Enjoy a quick snack before heading downstairs for 10 minutes of music.  Your Sunday School room will be waiting after your music practice.  Children will sing in church once per quarter.


Call or e-mail the office (608) 423-3135;


Please call or email the office with your questions.